> White Chocolate 10# & 25#
> Sweet Ground Chocolate 30#
> Sugar Free White Chocolate 10# (Made w/ Splenda)
> Sugar Free Chocolate 10# (Made w/ Splenda)

Frappe Mixes

> Vanilla Frappe 10#
> Chocolate Frappe 10#

Smoothie Mixes

> Banana Smoothie 3#
> Strawberry Smoothie 3#
> Mango Smoothie 3#


>Creamy Caramel 6/64 oz jugs
>Decadent White Chocolate 6/64 oz jugs
>Ground Sweet Chocolate 6/64 oz jugs

Award Winning Coffee Fest 05

>Cinnamon Bliss 6/64 oz jugs Sugar Free
(Made w/ Splenda)

POWDERS: 2 tbsp per 16 oz drink

Powders: White Chocolate

White Chocolate

(fine powder)

Finely powdered for easy dissolving , unsurpassed flavorful white chocolate with a smooth clean creamy mouth finish... So your premium coffee bean stands alone...
have your own unique flavor... >

Powders: Sweet Ground Chocolate

Sweet Ground Chocolate

Ground Sweet Chocolate & Cocoa Powder Using imported chocolate is the key to a premium mocha... We pride ourselves on that and would use nothing less...
2 tbsp per 16 oz drink... >

Powders: Sugar Free Splenda™ White Chocolate

Sugar Free Splenda™ White Chocolate

Yummy white chocolate flavor..... Cant tell it's sugar free

Powders: Sugar Free Splenda™ Sweet Ground Chocolate

No Sugar Added Splenda™ Sweet Ground Chocolate

For those chocolate lovers..sugar conscious, diabetics (Hot soluble only unless blended)... >

Frappe Mixes

Directions for 20 oz: Fill cup with Ice, top with milk, dump in blender 1/3 cup frappe mix, 1 or 2 shots of espresso. Blend and go >

Frappe Mix: Vanilla
Frappe Mix: Chocolate
Banana Smoothie Mix

Banana Smoothie

"Banana gets an A" Powder Mix >

Strawberry Smoothie Mix

Strawberry Smoothie

"Strawberry, feel the shine" Powder Mix >

Mango Smoothie Mix

Mango Smoothie

"Mango Mambo let's get moving" Powder Mix >

SAUCES: 2 tbsp per 16 oz drink

Caramel Sauce

Creamy Caramel Sauce

Rich, buttery melt in your mouth caramel.. you’ll want to drink it straight ...<

White Chocolate Sauce

White Decadence Chocolate Sauce

Unique flavor unlike other white sauces... Why? Super secret!<

Chocolate Sauce

Sweet Ground Chocolate Sauce

Using imported chocolate sets Costellinis unsurpassed by none.. Silky and smooth...
Yes dissolves in cold milk as well as hot ...<

Cinnamon Sauce

Sugar Free Splenda™ Cinnamon Bliss ...

Cinnamon & caramel (dulce de leche) mixed... Tastes like cinnamon rolls without the guilt.